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Pod rutier la km 0+540 al Canalului Dunare - Marea Neagra si lucrari aferente de infrastructura rutiera si de acces - Obiect 1 -
Loc de desfasurare: CN APM SA Constanta Persoana de contact: Dogaru Nicoleta,  Serviciul Dezvoltare Proiecte Europene
Data limita de depunere a ofertelor:
Luni, 28 septembrie 2009, 13:00
Telefon contact: 601391, 601374
Data limita de evaluare a ofertelor:
E-mail contact: ndogaru@constantza-port.ro
Cod achizitie: 45233120-6
Anunt de participare
II.1.5) Object of the Contract, given by the Contracting Entity "Road bridge at Km 0+540 across the Danube-Black Sea Canal, viaducts for accessing the bridge, access ways to the Port and junction with bypassing of Constantza county, crossings over the railroad, parking places, access buildings through the Gates no. 7 and 10, shifting of installations”/ II.1.6) CPV Classification: 45233120-6;/ 45221111-3;/ 45221121-6/ II.2.1.) Total lot or domain: Building of a road bridge across the Danube-Black Sea Canal, viaducts for accessing the port, access ways to the Port and bypassing junction of Constantza County, crossings over the railroads, parking places, access buildings to the Gates nos. 7 & 10, shifting of installations. Valuation, without VAT: 23,000,000 EUR II.22) Options: possibility of acquisitioning supplementary works, according to Art. 122/ j/ Emergency Ordinance no.34/ 2006;/ Duration of Contract or the completion deadline:24 months, staring with the awarding date of the Contract;/ III.1.1) Bid bond: 400,000 LEI, performance bond;/ III.1.2) Financing and payment modalities: EU structural funds and state-budget sources, financing by POS-T Programme;/ III.2.1) Personal evaluation of the legal entity, registration on the Registry of Commerce or in the professions registry; declaration for eligibility, and not making provisions of the Art.181 of Emergency Ordinance no.34/ 2006, document showing the participant status on the procedure; Registration Certificate and Ascertaining Certificate;/ III.2.2) Economical and financial eligibility: Annual turnover of construction activities, during the last 3 years – min. 188,887,500 LEI or 45,000,000.00 EUR (1 eur = 4,1975 LEI); open running contracts for works; Balance Sheets for 31/12/2006; 31/12/2007 and 31/12/2008./ III.2.3) Technical eligibility: The list of main works performed during the last 5 years, together with Certifications of such works, filled in with amounts, periods of time and places the works were performed; modality of performing the obligations; beneficiaries; Declaration regarding the Technical equipments and staff; ISO Standards; hard copy of one of the Contracts having similar object and an overall value equal or higher than 41,975,000.00 LEI, or 10,000,000.00 EURO(1 EURO= 4,1975 LEI); Declaration regarding technical equipments, installations; Information regarding technical staff and related ISO standards; Information regarding sub-contractors and standards regarding ISO9001; OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001;/ IV.2.1) The offer classified as the most advantageous from economic pint of view: 1) the Bid price 80%; execution period 20%;/ IV.3.2.) Previous published announcements for the same Contract: Notice of Intent, no. in O.J.: 2009/s41-060009 from 28.02.2009;/ IV.3.3) Time limit to submit the documents request or to access the documents: 28/09/2009, 12 hrs, l.t./ IV.3.4) Time limit to submit the offers or participation requests: 28/09/2009; 12 hrs.l.t. IV.3.6) Minimal time limit the bidder must comply with the offer conditions: 90 days, from the deadline of the offer submittal; IV.3.7) Conditions for opening the offers: Date: 28/09/2009; 13 hrs. l.t.; auction site: NC MPA SA Constantza; Authorized persons to assist the opening of offers: representatives of Tenderers, legally empowered in writing;/ IV.2) References to the projects or programmes: Sectoral Operational Programme POS-T 2007-2013;/ IV.3) Tender documentation, including: Technical Project (written and drawing elements); Specifications; Inventory of materials will be disclosed free of charges, on the site of Contracting entity.